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My name is Jeff Salm. I founded Solutions By Salm several years ago, taking my expertise to help businesses expand. I work with business owners & non-profits to increase their customer base and engagement. Solutions By Salm empowers businesses to leverage the most cost-effective channel of communication with SMS/MMS text messaging.

The Power of Text Marketing

Text Marketing is 5x More Effective Than E-mail Marketing

98% of texts are read within 3 minutes compared to 49% of Social Media users saying they only check their social media once a day.

Why Work With Us?

We empower businesses to leverage the most untapped, underused, and most cost-effective channel of communication by businesses with SMS/MMS text messaging.

Take The Texting Challenge!

Need more customers? Need more clients? Your existing customers will return 1x - 2x - 3x more often each month. You'll see immediate results when you take the Texting Challenge.

Text Programs:

Starter Plan

$39 per month includes 500 SMS messages.

We can accommodate your needs with a custom plan for your business.

Plans starting at $39

  • First month of service FREE

  • Your own dedicated 800 number

  • Endless analytics platform

  • Unlimited keywords

  • Signage design

  • Free Signage Starter Kit

  • Client support

Partner With SenText:

  1. Promote

Gather subscribers. I'll show you how. Signage, Media, Inside & Outside your Business, Promote your new VIP Club.

  1. Engage

Send out on the spot offers & announcements from your online dashboard. It takes 2 minutes.

  1. Response

Your audience sees the offer or announcement within 3 minutes & responds!

* You may receive up to 4 messages per week. Message and data rates may apply when sending & receiving text messages. Messages sent from automated system. Consent not required to purchase goods and services. Text STOP to 888-441-4776 to opt-out. Text HELP to 888-441-4776 for assistance or call 800-211-2001.

Questions? See Our FAQs

What Is SMS?

SMS is Short Message Service. Communication by text between cellular phones.

FAQ image

Who can receive text messages?

Nearly every cellular user can receive a text message. Most wireless carriers

include text messaging in their service plans.

FAQ image

How long is a standard text message segment?

The standard text message is capped to 160 characters. Characters include

letters, numbers, spaces, symbols, and punctuation.

FAQ image

Who regulates text messaging?

The FCC takes the lead role in regulating text messaging.

FAQ image

Is there a limit to how many messages I can send monthly?

There are no limits to how many messages you can send. However, your plan has

a monthly allowance. The rule of thumb is not more than one message per day

and to your subscribers. More frequent messaging will most likely result in higher

opt-out rates should the messages not be relevant, informational or actionable.

FAQ image

Should I consider text marketing for my business?

Many reasons for business-to mobile message their customers and clients.

  1. Text messaging is the # 1 phone app your customers use multiple times a day

  2. Text messaging is the strongest digital channel, with an open rate of 99%

and 95% within 3 minutes.

  1. Subscribers want to hear from you directly with offers and notifications.

They return more often and spend more.

  1. Texting is Instant, where promotional emails and app notifications are slow.

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Why partner with me for your text marketing needs?

  1. Competitors offer free services, but these services are limited in number of texts.

    There is usually a hidden fee to access their CRM.

  2. Competitors don't have the same level of support that you receive with Solutions By Salm.

  1. You will have your own dedicated 1-800 number.

  1. Solutions By Salm offers unique campaigns with features such as appointment reminders, mobile coupons, text-to-win campaigns, and custom campaigns.

  2. Solutions By Salm increases brand awareness, engagement, loyalty, and sales for businesses.

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Take The Texting Challenge:

  1. Get your first month for FREE!

  1. Plans starting at $39/mo

  1. Get the R.O.I. you're looking for without breaking the bank!

  1. Connect with your customers instantly with a text!


Jax Sports Nutrition


"We just sent out our first message to over 300 of our Mobile Rewards Customers. We got an extra 17 customers to come into our store that rainy day, with extra sales of over $1,100. We look forward to even more success as our database grows each day."


Brewland Bar & Billiards


"SenText has delivered the return of investment unlike these other businesses. Reaching our customer base via text on SenText’s automated system is easy to use and gets guaranteed results as opposed to other forms of advertising. I would recommend SenText to any company wishing to reach customers instantly."

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